Tuesday, October 27, 2009

International Workshop on Digital Cities

The 1st International Workshop on Digital Cities was held in Istanbul, in conjunction with the 2009 eChallenges Conference, on October 21st. During the workshop titled “Digital Cities: Bringing Digital Public Services to the Local Communities”, chaired by Y. Charalabidis, T. eL Masri and G.Karaseitanidis, the following presentations were made:
- “Digital Cities for the Next Generation: Research Challenges from the Field”, Yannis Charalabidis, National Technical University Athens / ICCS, Greece
- “Building Digital Infrastructures and Services in Municipalities: the Case of Trikala City” Olivera Djordjevic, e-Trikala, Greece
- “Developing Digital Cities in the Context of the Knowledge-Based Economy: Towards an Integrated Approach”, Emmanouil Ergazakis, National Technical University of Athens / ICCS, Greece
- “Developing Digital Cities Best Practices: The Case of Almere”, Tamer el Masri, Almere Kennisstad, Netherlands

Ergazakis, Charalabidis, El Masri and Djordjevic in Digital Cities Workshop

For more information or a copy of presentations please contact yannisx at epu.ntua.gr

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