Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Book on Interoperability from the Greek Interoperability Centre

A new publication was issued with the support of the Greek Interoperability Centre. The book "Worldwide Interoperability Advances for Businesses and Administrations" edited by Yannis Charalabidis and Dimitris Askounis sums up several approaches in eGovernment and eBusiness systems Interoperability in a global level.
The chapters are as following: CHAPTER 1 Interoperability Practices for Enterprises and Administrations CHAPTER 2 Realising the Perspective Inter-Domain Interoperability: The Practical Power of Hybrid Architectural Approaches in Integrating Processes, Data and Services Between Businesses and Administrations CHAPTER 3 Designing Generic Municipal Services Process Models towards eGovernment Interoperability Infrastructures

CHAPTER 4 Achieving Cross-Country Electronic Documents Interoperability with the help of a CCTS-based Modelling Framework

CHAPTER 5 Towards Standardising Interoperability Levels for Information Systems of Public Administrations

CHAPTER 6 Interoperability Registries in eGovernment Authors of the chapters include Herve Panetto, Evripidis Loukis, Kai Mertins, George Gionis, Sotiris Koussouris, Anastasios Tsitsanis, John Psarras, Fenareti Lampathaki, Spiros Mouzakitis, Till Janner, Christoph Schroth, Volker Hoyer, Demetrios Sarantis, Dimitris Askounis and Yannis Charalabidis. Find more information at:

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