Monday, March 29, 2010

Workshop on Interoperability Science Base - iESA 2010

A workshop on Scientific Base for Enterprise Interoperability is being oranised in conjunction with the iESA 2010 Conference on Interoperability for Enterprise Software and Applications, on April 13th, in Coventry University, UK.

The main topic of the workshop is the presentation and discussion of the new FP7 ICT Support Action, that will start within 2010 and target the systematic building of the Enterprise Interoperability community and the development of a Scientific Base for Interoperability. Issues that will be discussed include:

• Basic research and foundational principles on interoperability
• Formal methods to describe interoperability problems and solutions
• State of the art in scientific methods for interoperability
• Scientific methods for interoperability in specific sectors and vertical domains
• Impact assessment, simulation methods and tools
• Proposals of academic curricula on interoperability
• Proposals on marketing of the scientific offerings for enterprise interoperability

Participants of the workshop will also have the chance to see the next actions in establishing an international experts team on interoperability science.

Workshop chairs and organizers

• Yannis Charalabidis, Greek Interoperability Centre, Greece, Email:
• Ricardo Goncalves, UNINOVA, Portugal, Email:
• Keith Popplewell, Coventry University, UK, Email:

Download the Workshop details and Agenda
Find more information on the iESA Conference

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