Tuesday, January 25, 2011

European Union Future Internet Enterprise Systems (FINES) Cluster Meeting

More than 30 high-level interantional experts attended the European Commission / DG INFSO Future Internet Enterprise Systems (FINES) Cluster Meeting, held in Brussels, on 25th January 2011.  Organised by the SPIKE FP7 project , the Cluster meeting focused on recent developments for FP7 and FP8 programmes, in the area of Future Internet research for enterprises.

The agenda of the meeting covered the following topics:
  • Future Internet Assembly (FIA) developments
  • The Enterprise Interoperability Science Base development
  • The new Roadmap for Future Internet Enterprise Systems
  • Other activities from the ENSEMBLE project, supporting the community enlargement
  • Visionary ideas for future internet directions

A view of FInES Cluster Meeting in Brussels  

For a full view of the agenda and the presentations of the meeting, please visit http://www.fines-cluster.eu

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