Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Social Media: Innovation & IPR Perspectives

Social Media: Innovation & IPR Perspectives
Friday 18th March 
Athens Information Technology (AIT) (

9:30-10:00 Registration and Coffee

10:00-10:10 Welcome Speech & Workshop Introduction
Prof G. Yovanof (Professor, Associate Dean, AIT), Dr. X. Ziouvelou (AIT)

Session 1: Social Media - Innovation Perspectives
10:10-10:25 Social Media and Networks for Marketing
Dr. N. Paparoidamis (Director, emphasis marketing services
& Associate Professor of Marketing, Catholic University of Lille, IESEG)

10:25-10:40 Re-contact with a snapshot
E. Kitra (Director, OMD Digital/Tempo OMD Hellas)10:40-10:55

10:40-10:55 How Lacta got to have the most popular Facebook brand page in Greece!
P. Sambrakos (Executive Creative Director, OgilvyOne Worldwide)

10:55-11:10 Social media: Strategies, fairy tales and the big bad wolf
V. Kolovou (Web developers/Owner, netWire)

11:10-11:25 Social magazines
Dr. J. Pagonis (Partner, Pragmaticomm)

11:25-11:55 Coffee Break

11:55-12:10 enGAMEment in the Social Space
G. Zenzefilis (General Director, INTRALOT Interactive)

12:10-12:25 Social Gaming: The shift to social media marketing
T. Aivalis (CEO, SocialBrands – Social Media Marketing Agency)

12:25-12:40 Bowling alone: Ubiquitous Social Capital
Dr. D. Kontarinis (VP of Innovation, Velti Plc)

12:40-12:55 Social Media Innovation
D. Tsigos (Founder & CEO, Virtual Trip Group & European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs -Y.E.S.)

12:55-13:10 Social Medi@ted Innovation
T. Georgoulis (Business Analyst/Project Manager, Realize S.A.) & Dr X. Ziouvelou (AIT)

13:10-13:25 Social Network related innovations of SOCIETIES
Y. Bouloudis (AMITEC Ltd, SOCIETIES EU Project)

13:25-14:25 Lunch Break
Session 2: Social Media - IPR Perspectives
14:25-14:40 Social Network Interoperability Issues
Dr. V. Papakonstantinou (Attorney At Law, PK Partners)

14:40-15:55 Social media marketing and copyright issues
Dr. Maria-Daphne Papadopoulou (Lawyer, Hellenic Copyright Organisation)

15:55-16:10 Gaining your client’s confidence: The most pivotal principle for e-entrepreneurship
in a social media environment
M. Zoulovits (Lawyer, Philotheidis & Partners Law)

16:10-16:25 Privacy in the nook of Facebook
M. Papadopoulos & A. Kaponi (Lawyers, Patsis, Papadopoulos, Kaponi & Associates)

16:25-16:40 Social Media and the Employment Relationship
S. Mihos (Lawyer, Legal Manager, Hellenic Fuels S.A.)

16:40-16:50 Summary & Closure


  1. Social media has only just taken of in the mainstream and Facebook is just one of the first big trendsSocialkik . Google has many more strings to its bow, it IS sort of worrying when you look at the kind of data that Google seems to want to collect about the people of the planet, my guess is that Google is an alien overlord priming us all for eons of interplanetary slavery.