Friday, July 22, 2011

AEGEAN Startups 2011

Aegean Startups is the 1st Panhellenic Competition on e-Entrepreneurship, giving the opportunity to Greek citizens and students to get initial financing for their business plans.  Organised by the University of Aegean / Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering in Samos, with the exclusive financial support of TANEO New Economy Fund the competition takes place in September and October 2011.

After a written competition and final live presentation in front of the Aegean Startups Scientific Committee, 3 winning teams will each be funded with 15,000 EUR for realizing their business idea.  The funding is provided as a prize, not in exchange of company shares or other contribution by the enterprise.

The Aegean Startups 2011 organisation is supported by National Technical University of Athens, Athens University of Economic and Business, Microsoft Innovation Centre Greece and VirtualTrip group.

More information on the terms of the Aegean Startups 2011 Competition at:

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