Saturday, January 7, 2012

HICSS presentation on eGov Research Roadmap

During the 45th HICSS conference on 6th January 2012, held in Maui, US, the paper "ICT for Governance and Policy Modelling: Research Challenges and Future Prospects in Europe", that we wrote together with Fenareti Lampathaki, David Osimo and Gianluca Misuraca.

The paper discusses the changing role of the government in the Information Society, also proposing some elements for a conceptualisation of ICT for governance and policy modelling. It further presents the evolving debate on the e-Government and e-Governance agenda developments, as well as the state of the art and the limitations of research in these fields. Main emerging trends and future prospects within the evolving public sector are then anticipated in order to draw some preliminary conclusions outlining the challenges ahead and future research in the field of ICT for governance and policy modelling.

The presentation is available here:

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