Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A simple metadata schema for Open Data Apps

Having developed quite a number of open data / mobile apps at the University of Aegean and National Technical University of Athens, I was glad to listen to Nikos Loutas ( @nikosloutas ) presentation at the "Uses of Open Data" workshop in Brussels, organised by the CrossOver project.
His proposal for structuring a simple metadata schema for Open Data apps made me reach for my notes on classifying student apps at Uni Aegean.  So, here is a 10-attributes simple schema that could help potential users search and find apps on the web:

•   country: the country or countries covered by the app
•   region: the region/state/prefecture
•   city: the city covered by the app
•   language: the languages supported 
•   sector: the specific sector(s) the app is targeting

•   linkMode: is the app using Static or Dynamic data?
•   runtimeEnv: Web / Mobile
•   mobileOS: iOS / Android / WinM
•   visualisationMeans: Maps / Charts / Graphs 
•   licencing: free / payment  needed


  1. These are simple fields implemented by dc terms or so, but
    * title
    * description
    * author
    * homepage
    * keywords
    And then some more interesting
    * used datasets (URIs typically)
    * opensource?
    * visualizer?

  2. Covered by dc terms or so but
    * title
    * description
    * author
    * homepage
    * used datasets
    * isVisualization
    * isOpenSource
    My opinion, would be nice to see integration with schema.org as that's the ultimate tool to assign semantics used by the biggest search engines.