Monday, December 17, 2012

Uni AEGEAN participates in Citadel on the Move Project - Athens Pilot

Citadel on the Move ( aims to make it easier for citizens and application developers from across Europe to use Open Data to create the type of innovative mobile applications that they want and need. At present, Open Government Data is often difficult to access and use by the developer community, let alone the average citizen. Citadel on the Move aims to fulfill this need by:
·    Creating formats that make it easier for local government to release data in usable, interoperable formats
·   Developing Templates that make it easier for citizens to create mobile applications that can be potentially shared across Europe creating services that can be used on any device, anytime, anywhere.
Citadel Smart City Vision

DAEM ( is the oldest and largest computer company in the field of local government operating since 1983. DAEM started 26 years ago as a company computer for the Municipality of Athens and was one of the pioneers in the application of new technologies. From then till now, DAEM has opened horizons transferring the power of information to citizens’ everyday life and is a modern, dynamic company focusing on IT systems and infrastucture. This company is responsible for the pilot of the city of Athens in the Sector of Transportation.

In the first phase of this pilot, there was a need to create a group of developers called as closed group, who, according to the available application templates and the available open data, will develop mobile applications.

A group of 5 MSc students and PhD Candidates from the University of the Aegean / Information Systems Lab under the leadership of Yannis Charalabidis, Assistant Professor in Uni Aegean, collaborated with DAEM and participated in testing of CITADEL pilot templates. After experimenting with the various application development templates, the ISL team provided feedback concerning the overall concept, technical issues to be resolved, suggestions and ideas on new features.

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