Monday, August 30, 2010

The CROSSROAD Workshop on the Grand Challenges for ICT-enabled Governance

More than 50 international experts from all over the world participated in the Workshop organised by the CROSSROAD project ( on the new research roadmap for ICT-enabled governance.  The Workshop was held in IDHEAP Lausanne on 30th August 2010,  in conjunction with the IFIP International eGoverment Conference.  The agenda of the Workshop was as following:

Session A: Research Projects on ICT for Governance & Policy Modelling
• “PADGETS - Policy Gadgets Mashing Underlying Gruop Knowledge in Web 2.0 Media”, Yannis Charalabidis, University of the Aegean
• “OCOPOMO - Open COllaboration for POlicy Modelling”, Maria Wimmer, University of Koblenz-Landau
• “IMPACT: Integrated Method for Policy Making Using Argument Modelling and Computer Assisted Text Analysis” Radboud Winkels, University of Amsterdam
• “COCKPIT - Citizens Collaboration and Co-Creation in Public Service Delivery”, Fenareti Lampathaki, National Technical University of Athens

Session B: ICT Research Roadmap for Governance & Policy Modelling
• “CROSSROAD - A Participative Roadmap for ICT Research in Electronic Governance and Policy Modelling”
• Questionnaire on Grand Challenges (online and paper)
• Discussion on Grand Challenges and Overall Conclusions, led by the Workshop Chairs

You are invited to fill-in the online questionnaire for rating the Grand Challenges for ICT-enabled governance at

Workshop Chairs:
Yannis Charalabidis, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece
Gianluca Misuraca, JRC - European Commission, IPTS, Spain
Maria Wimmer, University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany

More information on the workshop is available at

Saturday, August 28, 2010

New IGI Book on Interoperability

Interoperability in Digital Public Services and Administration: Bridging E-Government and E-Business

Yannis Charalabidis (University of the Aegean, Greece)

ISBN: 9781615208876; (c) 2010; 350 pp.

During the last decade, interoperability has emerged as a vivid research area in electronic business and electronic governance, promising a significant increase in productivity and efficiency of information systems, enterprises and administrations.

"Interoperability in Digital Public Services and Administration: Bridging E-Government and E-Business" provides the latest research findings such as theoretical foundations, principles, methodologies, architectures, technical frameworks, international policy, standardization and case studies for the achievement of interoperability within the provision of digital services, from administration and businesses toward the user citizens and enterprises.

More info at: