Wednesday, August 15, 2012

On Telescopes and Cameras: The Aegean Moon

During my visit in Tinos, Cyclades, I managed to pack and assemble a nice pair of telescope + camera, in a night with a half moon over the Aegean sea.

The telescope was a MEADE DS 2130 ATX (1020 mm), equipped with a 2X Barlow Lens and a NIKON mount ring (total cost around 500 EUR - slighthly more than half of the 18-200 Nikon zoom, which was not needed during the photoshoot).

The NIKON D90 body was mounted without ny lens and used to control the sutter speed and ISO, as focusing was done with the telescope knob (the weak part in the whole system).

Amazingly though, you could see the moon through the NIKON screen, even have video.

The main picture is below (with some edge recognition):

Mostly interesting thought was the video capabilities and result.  You can see the moon moving at real time below:

What we really see at the video, is the moon moving with a speed of 1 Km / second, covering a distance of 60 km in almost one minute.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Aegean University meets IT industry and research: The Athens 2012 Roadshow

More than 30 pre and post-graduate students from the Information and Communication Systems Engineering Department, of the Aegean University in Samos, visited organisations, companies and research centres in Athens, during 5-7 June 2012.  The trip was an initiative of the University Carreer Office and the Information Systems Laboratory.

On-site visits were arranged for Microsoft Innovation Centre, Singular Logic, Athens Information Technology, Intrasoft International and the Athens International Airport.  The Athens 2012 Roadshow was concluded on June 7th, in a workshop at DANAOS Cinema, where students presented their projects, viewed presentations and discussed with more than 20 company and organisation executives, representing:
  • WinBank
  • Eurobank
  • Microsoft
  • SoftOne
  • Obrela Security
  • Taxi Beat
  • Simple Web Design
  • Parking Defenders
  • Games2Gaze
  • e-Trikala
  • Diastasys
  • CosmoOne
  • AllWeb
  • Athens Rail Transport (Metro / Tram)
  • Critical Publics

At the Microsoft Innovation Centre Athens

With Stelios Pantelopoulos, at Singular Logic

At the Athens Information Technology 

A view from the audience at DANAOS Cinema

At the Athens International Airport / IT Division