Friday, January 16, 2015

AEGEAN STARTUPS - The Greek University Startup Incubator in the Aegean Sea

In early 2015 the University of the Aegean launched AEGEAN STARTUPS panhellenic competition for innovative entrepreneurial ideas coming from students, alumni or young citizens in Greece. Aegean Startups competition will proceed in several phases within 2015 and offers some unprecedented features for supporting youth entrepreneurship:
  • A business network of more than 50 mentors, to support succesful teams in finalising their business plans for the second phase of the competition.
  • Collaboration with 4 succesful incubators (Federation of Greek Industry, Municipality of Athens / Chamber of Commerce, Orange Groove, Microsoft Innovation Centre) where awarded teams will be able to continue their startup development
  • A network of University Incubators in Lesvos, Limnos, Samos, Chios, Syros and Rhodes - part of the University of the Aegean entrepreneurship programme - able to offer infrastructures and support on-site for succesful students and teams
  • Access to larger companies and other Entrepreneurship Centres in Greece and European Union
In parallel with the competition, Aegean Startups offer specialised training to young entrepreneurs in the islands of the Aegean Sea.

With a specific emphasis on leveraging the offerings of the Aegean Archipelago, areas where proposals are being sought for include:

  • Agricultural products and services, nutrition and health
  • Tourism, culture and education services
  • Shipping, maritime, trasportation and commerce
  • Environmental protection
  • ICT and Governance systems and services

The deadline for the proposals (first round) is on February 17, 2015 while submission is made fully electronically.

More information on the competition and the relevant activities of Aegean Startups may be found at: