Saturday, August 30, 2014

University of the Aegean visits Ege University

During August 2014 I had the pleasure to visit Ege University in Ismir, on behalf of the Information Systems Laboratory of the Information and Communication Systems Engineering Department of the University of the Aegean.  My colleague Prof. Serdal Temel welcomed me in EBILTEM Technology Transfer Office, within the University campus.

Ege University Science and Technology Centre - Technology Transfer Office (EBILTEM-TTO) is a regional and national expertise organization on innovation management, R&D, technology transfer and triple helix cooperation. The Centre is located in Izmir, Turkey and is within the organizational structure of Ege University which is a 55-year old State University.

Ege University and University of the Aegean have signed a collaboration protocol since 2012, to further strengthen their collaboration on academic issues.

The potential for collaboration between EBILTEM/Ege University and IS-LAB/University of the Aegean spans in three axes:

  • Alignment of activities in the areas of university startup incubation programmes and youth entrepreneurship.

  • Joined participation in R&D proposals, under the HORIZON 2020 research programme or Greece - Turkey bilateral research programmes.

  • Students collaboration and other focused initiatives to promote collaboration among the two university units.

  • With Serdal Temel in EBILTEM

    Further collaboration activities among the to Universities, as well as exchange of visits to Samos and Izmir are being planned in the coming months.