Thursday, June 23, 2011

Greek Budget Visualisation: Where does the money go ?

Although the Greek national budget (in Greek, only) is available online, its presentation and format (PDF) makes it difficult to draw a conclusion on the allocation of spending. In the web site of Greek Ministry of Finance there exists an allocation of the spending, though the taxation system.  Also, as of this year, every Greek citizen gets an analytical report on how his taxes contribute to the country budget.  From these sources, we can draw a safe conclusion on how spending is allocated:

The main categories of the 2011 Greek Budget spending
Payment of interest amounts to almost 20% of the total expenses.

From the same source, we also get data for the 2010 income and expenses allocation, as a split between internal and external sources and destinations.

2010 Greek Income and Expenses, in billion Euros
(it shows that Greek EBIT was -10 bn EUR)

For more informaton on the Greek Budget (in Greek only), visit:

For more information on budget allocations (in Greek, only) visit:


  1. It is frightening to see how much of the money goes to paying off interest. Do you think they are going to take a gamble and default?

  2. There is no part mentioning the members' of the parliament salaries. Wondering why..

  3. There is a pilot on Greek Budget Visualization here :