Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lisbon, at Nova University

Visiting Lisbon at times of financial crisis - well it looked like the "last" visited the one before the end.  But Lisbon   was a pleasure both from the artistic and sociological side of things.  As a city lying in two coasts, it kept being interesting and innovative while also easy to find your way within, apart from one issue: the crossing of the bridges to get from one side of Tago river to the opposite.

The impressive Vasca de Gama bridge, at left, with a length exceeding 15 Km over the river must have been an engineering challenge, when built a few years ago.

Visiting Nova University Lisbon and especially the UNINOVA research centre within FCT (Technical Sciences Faculty) was also a pleasure, joining together NTUA, CNR, Intrasoft International and Uninova teams to work on Interoperablity Scientific Approaches and Future Internet Researcch Roadmapping.

At Nova University Lisbon with friends and colleagues from Italy, Greece, Portugal