Thursday, September 29, 2011

The EU Digital Agenda discussion on Interoperability, Cloud and eID

My colleague David Osimo asked me, an assistant professor of eGovernance Systems in Aegean University, in Samos, to moderate an on-line discussion on Digital Agenda 2020 issues around Interoperability, Cloud and eID. This on-line group of experts and citizens will produce a  report on findings and actions proposed, including on-line contributions.

When I accepted the task, the first suggestion was to list a few sources of relevant background material and gather some existing on-line discussion forums.

So here we are:

Area I : Online material

Area 2: On-line forums and communities

 Also, check some more interoperability and cloud related sites: 

Area 3: On-line discussion initiation
By looking at the main topics of the online discussion, we could depict Interoperablity (as a framework) and
e-Invoicing (as a specific interoperability and organisational challenge for enterprises). A classification of topics would yield:

- standards
- frameworks
- national status
- approaches for eBus and eGov
- Break-through approaches

e - invoicing
status, barriers,technical implementations
- feedback form practice
- Break-through ideas

Then, on a more national level at local events in Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, the discussion will evolve around cloud, eID and internet of things, to be integrated at a later stage:
  • e - Identity (frameworks, technical implementations, barriers, best practices)
  • Cloud Computing (typology, status for public, private and hybrid, PaaS-SaaS orientation, cloud interoperability)
  • Internet of things (standards, status of adoption, outlook)
It is easy to join the discussions at: 

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  1. Thanks so much for the resources!
    I am currently following the discussion about interoperability in the e-invoicing sector around ob10 and christian lanng quite closely (research). So this is a great stepping stone to deepen my knowledge.